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Welcome. This website is aimed at providing people who want to learn Mandarin with the online resources they need. If you want to learn Chinese online, then we offer you a useful and highly customizable Chinese-English dictionary, Learn Chinese (a free Chinese course) , a Chinese writing tutorial and a set of useful mp3 Chinese lessons.

Chinese-English dictionary

This Chinese-English dictionary has more than 41,000 entries. Each entry has traditional and simplified, English and pinyin, Chinese written in the western script. This dictionary allows you to customize the search results : You can enable and disable any dictionary field, highlight dictionary and zoom Chinese characters.

Chinese English dictionary
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Learn Mandarin Chinese now for free

Prepared by Dr Xie Tianwei, a renowned expert in Mandarin Chinese teaching, Learn Chinese is a free Mandarin Chinese course. This fluency-oriented course is made up of 15 short units : greetings, asking for directions, family ...

At the end of each unit, you'll find practice exercises. Please use them to check how much Chinese you've learnt. Learn Chinese is most appropriate for those who want to learn Mandarin online but it's also good for people enrolled in a class. Learn Chinese is an excellent starting point for people who want to learn Mandarin no matter what their learning pace is.

Learn Chinese characters

After you learn Chinese speaking, it would be time to learn Chinese characters. In this free Chinese writing course, you will learn the basics of the Chinese writing system. You will find also details about Chinese radicals, basic strokes, stroke order and meaning. Learning Chinese characters with this tutorial would be really easy and useful. So if you want to learn Chinese writing now, just click here to start !

Learn Mandarin with MP3 Lessons

These mp3 Chinese lessons come from ChinesePod.com. These lessons cover all levels of learning: newbie, elementary, intermediate and upper-intermediate. If you want to learn Mandarin Chinese, then this is a good starting point. The lessons are continually updated, so make sure you always check our website.

Chinese learning links

If you're planing to enroll in a Mandarin Chinese class, then you have to check our Mandarin Chinese schools section. There, you will find links to schools offering Chinese programs from all over the world. But if you want to learn Chinese on your own, then these Chinese learning software is right for you.

Many parts of our website are still under development. A lot is still to come in the near future. Enjoy your surfing on ClearChinese.com : It's clear and easy!

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